How do I share my project with donors?

In order for your campaign to reach its goal, you must stay focused on raising awareness about your project. You will not succeed unless your current donors know about your new project. We've created these step-to-success to ensure that your current donors are aware of your new project:

1. Share it on Social Media

Sharing your project on social media is the most powerful way to spread the word about your project. Social media gives your current donor base the opportunity to share your project with an entirely new audience of like minded people. Did we mention it's free, too?

Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? This was a perfect example of how social media empowers an organization to reach new donors.

2. Send A Project Link via Email

Sending an email notification is another powerful way you can reach your donors. Click here to see an example of a project campaign email.

3. Sending a Direct Mailer 

Direct-mailers are still an important tool many organizations use to reach their donors. Click here to see how you can create a direct mailer that's sure to inspire. 

4. Create a Media Kit.

Garnering media attention for your project is not only hugely effective, but is also generally free from cost. An media placement can expand your reach like never before, but you'll need to create a media kit to earn one.


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