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With our guided process, you can have your project campaign live in minutes.

Expand Your Horizons

Easy-to-use social media sharing tools empower donors to share your project reach an entire new audience of like minded individuals.

Build Your Reputation

Our platform is unlike any other – it gives you the power to build a trusting relationship with your donors. Giving Trail breaks down how you’ll spend your project budget, building a trusting relationship no amount of money can buy.

Need Volunteers?

You can use your Giving Trail campaign to recruit volunteers for your project. 

We'll Do Your Paperwork

Our system sends tax-deductible forms to your donors automatically. Additionally, donors can download a copy of their tax-deduction certificate in their donor account at any time.

Low Cost, Low Risk

It’s free to join, has no monthly costs, and only costs 3% per transaction plus 3% for payment processing. You’ll receive your donations even if you don’t reach your fundraising target.

Access to New Donors

Donors from previous projects will automatically be sent an email the next time you post a project on Giving Trail. 

We're On Your Team

We want to help you make your project a success. 

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