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A project campaign provides the essential information about your project while giving donors the ability to act by donating, volunteering, or sharing your project.

You can set up a project campaign page by logging into your Giving Trail Organization Account. To help get your page started with your best foot forward, we've put together this short guide on creating an awesome project campaign page.

1. Name

What’s in a name? Everything! When it comes to social media, a powerful photo and compelling name are your best chance at motivating potential donors to view your project.

2. Description

Donors are busy, so get to the point. In the most compelling way possible, tell donors what you are going to do and who benefits in the least number of words.

3. Detailed Budget

To increase transparency we require a detailed line item budget. We recommend you add 20% to the project total as a line item for administration and overhead, tying your fundraising success to productivity and alleviating the need to do as many off-mission fundraisers like golf tournaments, dinners, and sporting events. Keeping you on mission and helping you succeed is our #1 goal.

4. Timeline

Create a detailed timeline that outlines specific goals and deadlines so donors can follow progress and see how their dollars are being used.

5. Visuals

Pictures and videos of people are excellent to use to help create a visual connection to your project.

6. Spead the Word

Now that you've got an awesome and inspiring project campaign page, you'll need to spread the word about your project to reach your funding goals. Simply posting your project won't get your project funded. You need to shout loud and proud, making sure your current donors are aware and are helping champion your cause. Need some help getting the word out about your project?  Need some help getting the word out about your project? Visit our resource section to see our tips and tricks. 

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