Sending a project campaign email

Email is still one of the most powerful ways you can reach donors, we we've put together a quick guide for you to create an inspiring email to grab the attention of your donors. 

1. Customize the “From” field

Staying personally connected to this project shows your investment in its success. Receiving an email from an won’t make your email standout. Personalized “from” addresses signifies that the email came from a real person, helping establish a direct connection from your supporters.

2. Be compelling in your subject line copy

You have one chance to make a great first impression and an email subject line can be the deciding factor between “open” and “trash”. Avoid using ALL CAPS and $ymbo1s in your email messages so email filters won’t mark them as spam. (Yes ,this includes things like exclamation points).

3. Be personal, but concise

Tell your project's story only in as many words as absolutely needed. Respect the time of your donors and make it easy for them to follow.

4. Include a link to the project campaign

Explain that you have created this campaign to raise money for your project and all of the details are available on your page. 

5. Encourage your donors to forward or re-share your project

Encourage your donors to re-share your project personally with their friends and family. Even someone can't donate monetarily, they can repost or forward your project to help you reach new donors. Just ask them to do so! Personal messages forwarded from your donors are powerful.

6. Close strong

Have a call to action here - share the link to your project page and encourage the donor to donate and share your story. Remember, this is a very personal email and your closing should reflect this.

Here's a sample email message:

Dear (insert the name of recipient) ex: John, 

Thank you for your continued support of (Insert nonprofit name). Without the loyalty and backing of donors like you, (insert nonprofit name) would not be able to provide its services to (insert the cause your organization supports) ex: local families struggling from catastrophic circumstances.

We are about to embark upon another project to support (insert who your project will support) ex: families grieving from immense personal loss and need your support.

(insert quick background explanation of why you are completing your project)

Ex: In fall of 2011, Christian Reyes was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ganglioglima a crippling brain cancer. Fighting valiantly until his last breath, Cris died in March of 2012. A Tight-knit family, the Reyes’ were devastated by his passing. Cris had seven siblings.

Although we will never be able to bring back lost family members, Stay Strong aids local families, like the Reyes’, by sponsoring a summer camp specializing in grief counseling. It’s one simple way we can bring our community together to support local families in need.         

(Insert explanation of the project and what you need)

Ex: We need your help funding our grief counseling camp this summer. We’ve created a campaign page at LINK OF PAGE to raise money for our camp. There, you can learn more about our project, see our budget and timeline, donate, and share our story with your friends on social media. Even if you aren’t able to contribute monetarily at this time, you can support our camp by sharing the project page with your friends and family. Even reaching out to one individual personally can make a world of difference!

Together, we can band together and help (reinforce who your project supports) ex: local families cope with devastating loss.

Thank you,

(Insert name) 
(insert position and organization)


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