How much does this cost?

Giving Trail charges a 6% fee. That's it.

We believe in complete transparency - the 6% includes all payment processing and transaction fees. We don't believe in sign-up fees, subscription fees, ongoing monthly costs, or complicated pricing structures. Reducing your fundraising cost is our goal. 

 As a quick reference, here is what other crowdfunding platforms charge in fees. 

  • Crowdrise: 5% plus 2.99% plus .30 cents per transaction
  • FirstGiving: 5% plus 2.5% plus $500 per year subscription fee
  • Give Forward: 7.9% plus .50 cents per transaction
  • GoFundMe: 7.9% plus .30 cents per transaction
  • Indigogo: 4.0% baseline plus 3.5% if you reach your goal and 9% if you don’t.
  • Kickstarter:  5% plus 3% processing plus .20 trans cents per transaction


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