Giving Trail Supports Local Organizations During Beta Launch


 Giving Trail Supports Local Organizations During Beta Launch

Reno, NV – Giving Trail will be the launching the beta version of their non-profit crowdfunding platform on April 1, 2014 to help three local organizations raise money to complete charitable projects.

The Northern Nevada Children’s Cabinet, Committee to Aid Abused Women, and Sierra Nevada Journeys will use the platform to post outcome-based projects which need the communities’ support to receive funding. Even if donors can’t contribute monetarily, they can use the platform to volunteer or the project’s page with their friends and family. 

“We’re excited to use this platform because it allows us to collect fully tax-deductible contributions while also giving donors the power to share our project with their friends and family,” Eaton Dunkelberger, CEO of Sierra Nevada Journeys. “Plus, we’re can recruit volunteers – something we’re always looking to do.”

Designed strictly to support non-profits, Giving Trail bridges the donor/non-profit communication gap by requiring organizations to provide project budgets and progress updates to their donors. Conversely, donors are encouraged to leave reviews on the organization’s use of their contribution.

“Showing our donors how their money is being spent is really powerful,” said Mike Pomi, Executive Director of the Northern Nevada Children’s Cabinet. “They [donors] get to see the direct productivity of their contribution, which helps us create a trusting relationship with them.”

By tying contributions directly to projects, Pomi said he is hopeful this project will alleviate the need to host an off-mission fundraiser. 

“Instead of hosting a fundraiser that has nothing to do with our mission, we’re going straight to the source to get our project funded. It saves us time and effort so we can stay focused on completing our project.”

 _____________________________________________________________________________________ is the easiest path to crowdfund and support charitable projects. Giving Trail’s platform is built to increase confidence with donors through transparency and accountability while lowering fundraising costs, promoting better planning, and expanding donor lists. For more information, please contact Heyden Enochson at 775-722-7436 or

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