Sending Updates

Research has proven that donors are more likely to donate to a non-profit again if they feel their donation was used as promised.

Great reviews hinge on your ability to communicate with your donors to create a trusting relationship. An essential part of Giving Trail’s platform is the ability for donors to leave reviews. Why? Too often in the non-profit industry donors don’t have any way to see how their contribution made a difference. Thank You's are forgotten and performance is never communicated. 

*Donors receive automatic emails with every update.  Updates are an important way to communicate, just don't harass your donors with too many updates.

Mid-Campaign Updates: Use these updates carefully.  Post only if you have something important to convey about the project such as a change in plans, or something that alters the outcome of your project. You can also use this update ONCE to urge donors to help you reach the final funding goal.

The Final Update: This is the single most important communication you will have with your donors.  It presents the opportunity to tell the story, express your gratitude and share in the success. But also, it can be the opportunity to admit to problems if there were any. Some things are beyond our control.  The Final Update allows you to explain what happened and how you handled successes and failures.  Donors will be asked to rate and review your organization so be honest and don't underestimate a donor's support when they have all the right information.

1. Be heartfelt.

Take time to craft this update and be genuine. Donors will be able to tell if you rushed through it. Make sure to explain how the project went, your processes, and the detailed outcome. Remember, its important to tie their contribution to a specific outcome!

2. Tell the truth.

A level of honesty goes a long way. We’re all human, so it’s ok to identify successes and shortcomings. Being truthful about how things went lets your donors know there is a real person at the other end of their contribution.

3. Post pictures or videos.

Pictures and videos will help tell your story. A visual connection to your project is extremely powerful in showing in your results.

4. Encourage them to re-share or forward the project

If you haven't reached your goal, encourage your donors to re-share or forward your project to someone personally. Even one new person seeing the campaign can make a difference.

5. Thank them!

We've made it easy for you to show your gratitude! They've already received an automated Thank You along with their tax receipt, but reinforce how they’ve made a difference for your organization when you post an update.


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