Sample Email 1- Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Sample email- to send to network

(Copy, Paste, & Personalize)


As you may know, I am on the Board of Directors for the (organization name).  I truly believe in this organization and have first-hand experience with the great work they are doing in: (provide an example of the charitable work as it relates to your project).  We have posted a fundraising campaign on to help us fund one of our vital programs.  Here is direct link to our project’s Campaign Page:  (highlight copy and paste the URL to your campaign and double check it)


 Follow the link to our project’s campaign page

  1. Create a Giving Trail donor account and make a donation to our campaign
  2. Locate the social media icons under the donate button then Share our campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or email. In one minute or less, you can expose many more people to this project and to our organization!

Your donation is tax deductible and will be directed to our organization via Giving Trail (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization).

 Our funding goal for this campaign is $_______________

It would be great to see your name on the Donor List next to mine. However, if you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help out by sharing our campaign page with anyone you think might be interested.  It is quick, easy and worthwhile; many small gifts of kindness and sharing all add up to build better communities; one project at a time!


Thank you for your support,

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